Bizz Off!

Unusual and pointless one this but thought it worth sharing. I received a standard email tonight… You know the type… I’ve been trawling Facebook for some business tonight and I’ve chosen *you* to give a link to my company to…
Here’s what I received, followed by my response – which I know is a total waste of time, but I was bored, and allowed myself to be a little *enthusiastic* with the truth… ;)On 26/03/2013 20:01, Matthew Sanders wrote:

Hello there,

I just visited your Facebook page: Open-Mic Monday, and I thought I would write you a quick message to ask if you ever thought about promoting your page to a much broader audience?

I noticed your page currently has 238 likes and I get the feeling that you’re missing out on the advantages of reaching a larger audience. Surprisingly, most people have no idea how easy it is to draw more attention to their Facebook page and expand their online network. You could for example run a contest or giveaway, add a Facebook like box to your site or use Promoted Page Posts and Facebook Ads to promote your page. Also check out

I thought this might help you!

Best regards,

Matt Sanders
M.T. Sanders
Business Consulant and Entrepreneur



Thanks for your interest in my Facebook page. My facebook page isn’t a vehicle for *collecting* likes and it certainly isn’t supposed to be *reaching a larger audience*. My facebook page, if you’d read the text instead of the numbers, is a facebook page dedicated to the real people who come along to a real music night and play real songs with real talent and flare. It is a way for those lovely people to see photo’s of themselves having played onstage and is a place for those who deliberately look for us to ask questions about how to come along. Not everything is intended to be a money making scam. As it happens I run several official websites for my own companies, both non-money making and totally user-orientated, which have several hundreds of thousands of happy un-marketed-to users and visitors.

I know you’re just doing your day job man, but trawling through facebook pages? really? You’d have better luck following your own advice rather than dishing it out to those who didn’t ask for it in the first place. Ever thought of starting your own company? Maybe with similar views to mine? It would stop you needing to sweep the office floor for one thing…

All the best with your future. May it start being productive, instead of being utterly pointless.


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