Lunchtime at Tiffany’s

An unusual story-like blog… merely to share the loveliness of this story with you about a young girl I teach, who for the sake of this blog we’ll call Tiffany.

Tiffany is 13 years old, and is one of those amazing students who, with minimal motivation from teachers, goes home and goes the extra mile to teach herself. Everything.

I have just returned home from a scorcher of a day at work, to find myself having a delightful conversation on the way home… I was told all this story second hand, by Tiffany’s Maths teacher, who taught Tiffany for a Maths revision session:

“Today in Maths, we were looking at some revision notes with a group of my Yr 8’s and I happened to mention Ed Sheeran, and went on to mention the names of Antonio Lulic and Kal Lavelle. Tiffany jumped up from her seat. KAL LAVELLE!! She exclaimed!! And beamed and danced up and down…”

The Maths teacher went on to ask how Tiffany had heard of Kal…

“Well I’ve been buying the iTunes single of the week for the past two years… and yes, a lot of the stuff is rubbish… but ever since I heard Kal I’ve bought all of her songs, and I’ve been teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar since September…” (Tiffany bursts into singing Breakfast at Tiffany’s A Cappella – The Maths teacher then joins in!) Tiffany: “She’s like, totally amazing and is my *favourite* singer/songwriter EVA!!”

The Maths teacher pulls the *I-know-something-you-don’t* face with a smile… “Well then Tiffany… Did you know, that only 2 weeks ago, I was sat filming Kal Lavelle, in WAKEFIELD!… and do you know who else was there!??

The Maths teacher loads up this video on the big projector screen and turns it up to 11:

“Oh my God!! It’s Sir!! It’s Mr Mitchell-Smith AND Kal Lavelle!!”

To a child with the biggest grin on her face you can imagine, the Maths teacher explained how one of Tiffany’s music teachers happened to be guest appearing with her idol on a giant screen right in front of her… and what’s more… Sir was not playing a guitar, but a harmonica, which she had no idea that he played! The Maths teacher then went on to explain how Sir was going down to London soon, to perform at Kal Lavelle’s acoustic night. Well… Tiffany went ba-na-nas!!

After some extremely excited conversation, Tiffany managed to blurt out that since teaching herself guitar (with a little nudge from her proper music teacher ;)) that she has been asked to play at her Uncle’s wedding really soon. Not only that, but a full set of songs, finishing with a song she has written herself.

I’ve heard that song. It’s incredible. That is a truly inspired and extraordinarily talented young lady right there. One day, when she’s famous, I’ll bring this back up. It’s definitely when, not if. ;)

I haven’t seen Tiffany yet since this discovery was made, however the YouTube clip has suddenly started grabbing *a lot* more views… I do hope her maths revision goes well, once she’s played her guitar for a few more hours of course. ;)