A View To A Cull

Universe Rights Bill

Motioned 01-06-2013. (TLT* -48900)

Article 256:

  • In the considering of the co-existence of species act. (Circa 0000-2013)
    This document is encrypted to survive and self-maintain and is applicable to all levels of species up to and including time lords.

Case:  Badgers

Family: Mustelidae

Subfamily:  Melinae, Mellivorinae, Taxidiinae

Section 117a.

On Badgers Vs. Humankind;

1.1 – Let it be known that it is not the fault of badgers that humans as a species decided to breed cattle.

1.2 – It is the responsibility of humans to find another way to breed that cattle responsibly without having any major impact of note or inconvenience upon co-existing species.

1.3 – Humans first priority should be to stop breeding cattle and separate existing cattle until an alternative solution is found.

1.4 – It is right and just, as hard as it may be to accept, that humans MUST take responsibility for the lifestyle in which they have CHOSEN to live. They should live within the restrictions in which their chosen professions allow. This should be a point of constant update and review as the laws of time are applied to ensure that all species are consistently maintained.

1.5 – It is not ok to kill cattle for anything other than survival reasons. It is much more not ok to kill animals which were not bred by humans, especially for the purpose of “making a living”. If more cows exist because humans forced that to be the case through their own choices of lifestyle, then humans need to not make as many cows.

1.6 – It is by no means difficult or unjust, to impose that humans should ensure that their bred-cattle be kept separate from badgers. Advances in fence technology easily allow the mixing of badgers and cattle to be appropriately minimised.

1.7 – It is utterly possible, for humans to exist on products from other places until their temporary situation is remedied. *See mad cow epidemic files.

1.8 – Regardless of how difficult it may be to achieve and despite the financial restraints that may be in place at the time, it is up to humans and their governments to subsidise and find a solution for that which does not fundamentally  cross the line of the rights of the universe.

1.9 – Human rights are well documented and primarily exist where life and death and health are concerned. Universe Rights are in place to ensure that regardless of how big humans’ egos get, that they don’t get big enough to think that they can justifiably murder another species for anything other than life-threatening or self-defence reasons.

1.10 – Universe Rights can be referred to as a bit like Ofcom for human arrogance of species, as this is quite an accurate description.

1.11 – If a badger attacks you, it is ok to defend yourself with appropriate force necessary to protect yourself from injury. Universe Rights do not give permission for badgers to attack humans or vice versa.

1.12 – It is not ok to run a badger over for the same reasons as stated in points 1.1 through 1.11.

1.14 – the previous point which is missing has to do so to ensure that all laws of luck are strictly adhered to. Universe Rights recognise that this has been observed.

1.15 – In the event of a *proposed* badger cull. It is the strict ruling of Universe Rights that this MUST NOT be permitted under *any* circumstances what-so-ever. It is the duty of all humankind to ensure that the rights of all species are consistently met. Failure to meet this mutually beneficial point will result in a referral to the Time Lord council for deliberation until an appropriate course of action is determined. Upon the firing of any weapons the Time Lords have express permission of the Universe Rights committee to intervene with appropriate measures.

Article end.

*Time Lord Time ref.