The Game

Life is NOT a game as we are led to believe,

Play acting scene is politics’ conceit,

If we use our most valuable assets as tools of war,

There will always be one to bully and abhor.

Raise your game, be bigger than your thoughts,

Make “got your back love” your true default,

Take your chances, look not towards blame,

Accept the truth, at the start, middle and end of the day.

It’s time to start living beyond the realms of the blues,

To kick down the goals as all games have rules,

Engage in the future, in your family and friends,

See the best in their soul, not their lack of amends.

Accept all who approach, be they white, brown or pink,

Spread love as religion is not what you think,

Do not hyper-criticise the right to exist,

For karma will reduce your friendship list.

A game has an audience, so live not as such,

Live in reality, be warm to the touch,

And live for tomorrow, through the dire straits,

There’s no extra time in this life of fate.

So make the most of what you’ve built,

Forever add patches to your life-filled quilt,

Life is NOT a game as we are led to believe,

You’re here for a bit, and then you leave.