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I thought it would be silly to put one of Russell Brands videos through a thesaurus to see if it made any more sense than usual… here are the results…
Original transcript: 5th Jan 2015

Without self-change

Without an essential spiritual change

We can’t alter

Systems because

Because the manifest World

The material world

Is a reflection of a

More sublime

Less palpable realm

(like) we have manifested this reality

The bloke there before

Said it didn’t he?

Old Russy fart face guy

We are manifesting this reality

And it comes from thought

And from inner frequencies

Without altering this self-centred frequency that Krishnan Mur’hu refers to

We can’t have real change


That’s where I think spirituality is important

Now religion became institutionalised

Which is another way of saying


It’s rituals became about the maintenance of the apparatus of religion

As opposed to

It’s function

It’s function to enhance the connection between man and God

And man and one another

We need to return to systems that create stronger bonds between us.


And here are the same words again, only put through a thesaurus:

Devoid of identity-adjustment

Minus a critical angelic conversion

We can’t modify

Organizations for the reason that

For the evident Planet

The pertinent ecosphere

Is a replication of a

Further exalted

A reduced amount of profound space

(similar) we retain expressed this representativeness

The chap at hand previously

Stated it acted not he?

Ancient Russy Guff phizog fella

We are revealing this certainty

And it derives from notion

And from inward incidences

Lacking varying this identity-adjusted incidence that Krishnan Mur’hu denotes to

We can’t devour tangible alteration


That’s someplace Myself mull over unworldliness is imperative

Straightaway faith converted long-standing

Which is an additional approach of declaring


It’s ceremonies converted approaching the preservation of the tackle of conviction

As divergent to

It’s role

It’s job to augment the construction concerning fellow and Deity

And male and solitary extra

We must to benefit to structures that produce tougher promises concerning us


A silly experiment I know… I was a little bored but I found it interesting that the second version didn’t sound that ridiculously different to the original… Maybe Russell should consider simplifying things a little? Just a thought.

Ryan Mitchell-Smith