Taken from my Live Journal: New Years Eve 2005-2006

What a night. Apart from the obvious drawback of not having Alice there to join in the fun and games, this New Years Eve was amazing. This Christmas generally has been stunning. Christmas Eve gigging with Dr Blue was fantastic. Boxing night gigging with Antonio was just brilliant, but New Years Eve. It was all about New Years Eve. Antonio had gone up north and had claimed to be spending New Years Eve on his own at his home in London. I thought it a little weird and wanted nothing more than Antonio to be here with us as the clock struck midnight. As it turned out, at about 6 ok on New Years Eve, I’m on the phone to Alice in Ireland, and there’s a knock on my door. Antonio is the surprising figure on the other side, and my heart jumps into my mouth as I jump up and down still holding the phone. He arrived in good time and arranged secretly going to a meal that Elly and Jharda and Woo-Ha were organizing. All very hush hush. I continued to try and get everyone in the same place at midnight, which was O’Donoghues at midnight. We managed it. Me, Ant, Matt, Jharda, Rik, Fee, Jim, Lloyd, Meg, and Rosie all jumped up and down and gave big hugs at midnight in the back room of O’D’s, which was totally our room. We then started to get silly. I started necking vodka red bulls, and I rang Alice, at 12:01, and got through first time! Better than last year!! I got very very very very very very very very very very very pissed. We stayed at O’D’s till about half 1-2ish, but by then we were joined by Elly, Woo-Ha, Andy, Gnome, Rik, Laura, and possibly other people who I don’t know. So 16 people trekked back to my house, where earlier I’d cleaned and prepared glasses and drinks and set up my vodka and red-bulls. I smoked a bit and at approximately half past 2 I lost recollection of all memory.

I do however have an account of what transpired:

  1. We all started playing guitar. Antonio did a version of Hallelujah which I shouted over and totally ruined.
  2. Antonio then played some blues, and in my pissed state, I managed to do a solo over it, in the right key with a few fluffed notes, but then at the end, I played 2 notes next to each other gradually slowing down, until I finished on the right one, and then in a timely fashion, I fell off my chair.
  3. Jharda then took a video on her phone of me rolling my arms around shouting the words “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, it then panned to Lloyd, who was looking at me, thinking how much I reminded him of his friend Mark. It then panned back to me as I screamed “Shamone Mutha” then the video ends. Oh Dear.
  4. Then Jim went to the door with Lloyd for some fresh air. I discovered that the door had been opened and I proceeded to run out into the street, stop in the middle of the road, turn left, run full tilt up the street, I then ran into someone’s garden and tried taking a piss on their front door. Jim tried to stop me, but I got free and ran to someone else’s door and pissed on theirs instead.
  5. I lost my brand new 256MB USB flash drive.
  6. I smoked more.
  7. I went to the bathroom and opened the window at speed.
  8. I tried closing my window incorrectly and broke it leaving a wide 30cm opening at the bottom as it stuck.
  9. I wrote the words “MUTHA FUCKA” on my bathroom mirror using Vaseline.
  10. Rik (fawn) went around my house writing the word CUNT on my walls in navy blue insulating tape. I found 4 instances the next day.
  11. Antonio went around after Rik and removed the top bar from the C of CUNT so now everywhere said the marvelous and now much treasured word “LUNT”.
  12. I hid in the scullery.
  13. I fell into the scullery.
  14. I fell over and kicked Gnome in the face.
  15. I ate something red.
  16. I fell into the scullery.
  17. Matt threw his mobile phone at me and it hit me in the chest, winding me a little, at which I disagreed with him that it was a good idea and we had some sarcastic cross words.
  18. I fell over, and landed miraculously in the scullery.
  19. I shouted things.
  20. I regained some consciousness and remember telling people at half past 6 that I was going to bed.
  21. I shouted for Lloyd after realizing 2 things. 1. I was upside down. And 2. I couldn’t untie my shoes.
  22. Lloyd rescued me by untying my shoes.
  23. I discovered to my dismay that some fiendish acquaintance of mine had written the word CUNT on my bed. The full length across, in huge letters, in navy blue insulating tape.
  24. I fell asleep.
  25. I woke up.
  26. Matt made me a coffee and threatened to open my curtains.
  27. I told matt to fuck off.
  28. I looked at the clock. 2pm.
  29. I got out of bed and found the word “LUNT” all over my walls.
  30. I found a tissue version of the word “LUNT” on my video shelf carefully torn.
  31. I went downstairs and found my kitchen cupboard handle broken.
  32. I discovered my new hat was missing.
  33. I discovered my USB flash drive was missing.
  34. I discovered my house was VERY messy.
  35. I spoke to Matt on msn and apologized for being a big grumpy head and for telling him to fuck off.
  36. I apologized to Ant for being a grumpy head too.

We are talking folks about a mammoth victory of a new years eve. I would not change any one thing of what happened, other than Alice being there of course. It was godlike in proportions and hilarious! Although I lost about 4 hours, and a full roll of navy blue insulating tape, it was simply the best New Years Eve I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a few corkers.

Happy New Year everyone!

Ry xx