World Mental Health Day

People often say to me…

“if you are feeling a bit low then give me a ring!” .

The thing is… When you are feeling down and struggling with depression you do not want to be a burden on anyone. In fact, the thought of ringing someone does not even enter your head. It is as if there is no space for those thoughts while the depression is at its height. You might recognise that you are down but you cannot temporarily put it to one side while you remember how to socialise all over again, and talking to others often means putting a face on that you couldn’t be further from being able to put on.

What I’m trying to say is… if you notice that someone you care about is quieter than usual… then maybe consider being the one to give them a ring. Just out of the blue. Just something as simple as “Do you fancy a coffee in a couple of days?” can really help to pull someone out from the cloud… because it allows a bit of time to psyche up to getting out.. but it also beats the issue of not even thinking about speaking to anyone. Sometimes all we need to do is sit and talk about utter bullshit for a while, when the reality is someone cared enough to ring… and that counts for a million conversations. This is not a case of “Just get over it.” That is the worst thing anyone could say to someone struggling with depression. It is a case of reminding someone that they are worth something.

Mental health is one of the meanest and loneliest illnesses there is. I struggle with it now and again, sometimes more than others. I bet you do too. Spread the love and consider phoning a friend who you think might need a hug. It might be the best thing you do all day.